America on the Edge of Fallout!

But it's up to YOU to stand up!

“Hate Offenses” Against Transgenders to Have Harsher Sentences Than Domestic Burglaries in UK

"Stirring up hatred" on grounds of sexuality means at least six months in jail

Tulsi Fires Back At ‘Embodiment of Corruption’ Hillary Clinton: ‘Join The Race Directly!’

'It’s now clear that this primary is between you and me. Don’t cowardly hide behind your proxies,' says Gabbard.

The Late Great State of California

There are controlling economic realities that politicians ignore

Chinese National Sentenced Three Years For Exporting US Military Tech

Official celebrates space-grade tech not falling into wrong hands

Pro-War Protesters Receive Blind Support From Antifa

Outside of Trump's latest rally, two unlikely groups came together to bash POTUS.

Breaking! Facebook Allows Infowars Back On Livestream – Watch Now

Are social media companies ready to defend free speech?

ANTIFA Attacks Journalist: Dallas Police Stand Down

Watch as angry leftists violate Alex Jones' First Amendment right to free-speech.

Trump Knows The Spirit of Texas is Key to Defeating the Globalists

45 delivered an epic speech praising Texans at his Dallas rally.

Potatoes as Effective as Carbohydrate Gels for Boosting Athletic Performance – Study

Potatoes cost-effective, nutrient-dense, whole-food source of carbohydrates

Watch: Kaitlin Bennett Meets Antifa

Radical leftists gathered to protest Trump in Dallas, Texas.

Video: Brainwashed Liberals Believe Trump is a Gangster

In reality, Democrat politicians are the ones who behave like crime bosses.

MLK’s Daughter Hits Zuckerberg’s Free Speech Take, Says Disinformation Helped Kill Her Father

FBI conducted surveillance of the 1960s civil rights leader

Astronomers Expose Origin, Chemical Makeup of Dunes on Saturn’s Titan

Titan only solar system body besides Earth with solid surface

Democrats Run Away From Black Man in MAGA Shirt!

The not-so-tolerant left strikes again.

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